Web Design in Montreal

Is your site old and in need of an update?

Opt for a website that meets your needs while being thought out and designed with SEO in mind!

You can count on a quick and easy creation process.

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1. Preliminary discussion

Understanding your needs and providing guidance.

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2. Work estimation

Drawing up a list of requirements and providing you with an estimate.

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3. Wireframe creation

Creating mockup webpages.

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4. Approval of pages

Taking in your feedback and getting the green light for each page.

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5. Website design

Creating the website based on the previous steps.

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6. Final adjustments

Adjusting and fine tuning before the big launch.

Need a website?

Why redesign your website?

Your website is your brand image: the representation of your business on the internet! It is a unique opportunity to attract visitors, develop an audience, and acquire new customers.

A website is also a business asset that you can fully control.

However, not all websites are welcoming and efficient. It is up to the website manager to work towards this goal.

A good website offers a seamless user experience, and provides added value to visitors through its content.

If put together properly, it should be a standout asset for generating income.

The advantages of a website

There are many advantages in creating a website. Here are the main ones:

  • Increasing your visibility on Google (and other search engines).
  • Reaching potential customers who have never heard of you.
  • Triggering online sales or intent to buy.
  • Providing relevant information about your business.
  • Expanding your market share (e.g: from a local brick-and-mortar to e-commerce).
  • Allowing your brand to be recognized.
  • Acquiring the contact details of your audience.
  • Growing your business.

Website design vs Social media

Social media can be a great source of traffic, but it doesn’t guarantee long-term success.

An important change to Instagram’s algorithm and BOOM… you are no longer on the map!

A tough economic crisis for brands and you will have a difficult time finding deals to promote.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions!

Having a successful website protects you from external events beyond your control that could affect your business (e.g: policy changes, decrease in enthusiasm for a platform, algorithmic changes, account hacking…)

Your FIRST PRIORITY should be to bring your audience into your OWN ecosystem.

Key takeaways of web design

What kind of web design?

The first step before starting to design a website is identifying your needs. What is the end goal behind its creation? Why?

Your answers will determine the type of website you need:

  • Showcase website
  • E-Commerce (online store)
  • Blog
  • Portfolio website

The second step is knowing yourself! Are you the type of person who wants to update and make changes to your website, or would you rather pay someone to make those changes for you?

This will decide what platform you should use to create your website.

For those who do not have a background in programming (most people), I always advise having your website designed through a CMS (Content Management System) which will allow you to make changes without programming skills, if you will.

For people or businesses with larger projects that require a website with special features, hiring a developer to design the website from scratch can be a good idea.

Bear in mind, however, that you will have to reach out to this developer for future updates, which could be more expensive overtime.

As a general rule of thumb, I always recommend going with a CMS like WordPress or Shopify. These two platforms make it possible to create great websites that can be edited quickly and easily, with very few limitations on what is “possible” to do from a creative standpoint.

The point to remember is this: you will make a lot of things easier for yourself later on!

Why choose Romain?

I guarantee a simple, seamless and frictionless experience for my clients.

I love helping businesses and my goal is to make things easier for you, not more complicated!

Here are some characteristic features of my work:


Communication is at the heart of my work.


Who wants to complicate their life on simple things?


A work ethic that allows you to move forward quickly.

Affordable prices

Quality and custom-tailoring for a very competitive price.

I am able to create a professional website for your business that will allow you to:

  • Target an audience interested in your products and services.
  • Create optimized content strategies.
  • Convert your visitors into customers.
  • Bring more people to the store (if you have a physical location).

Many of my clients are now receiving more requests than they can handle… So what are you waiting for to take the plunge?

1 to 2 months of investment on the web could change your business forever!

Need a web designer?