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SEO Audit

Analyze your website to determine his overall health.

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On-page optimization

Optimize pages and create quality content for your audience.

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Technical SEO

Why optimizing content when the container (your website) is broken?

SEO Consulting

Find an SEO strategy that works to outperform your competition.

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Web page creation

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Link Building

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The Power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimizing a website in order to rank it higher in the search engine results pages.

The goal is to make sure your pages appear on Google when someone types a query related to your field of activity.

Let’s say you are currently managing a business around cat toys.

Wouldn’t it be great to be on the first page of Google for queries like “best toys for cat” or “cat accessories”?

Of course!

Indeed, relevance of the keywords will determine your success in SEO.

But how to make sure your keywords are appropriate?

This is where my expertise comes into play!

In terms of SEO, it is necessary to optimize your website for relevant keywords. It allows you to target people interested in your activity at the exact moment they are searching for your services online.

This is the logic behind SEO!

Over time, your website will gain visibility, your number of visitors will increase, so does the conversion rate, and your revenue will skyrocket.

In the long run, SEO can be one of the most lucrative marketing strategies for many businesses, no matter their size.

Where to begin?

1. Perform a website seo audit

Analyze your website health

The goal of an SEO audit is to understand what issues your website faces and how they prevent it from getting higher rankings.

Often times, a mere understanding of the website condition allows for a better start of the SEO strategy because it will be based on informed decisions.

Audit SEO
Stratégie SEO

2. Develop an SEO strategy

How to acquire more traffic?

A well thought out SEO strategy must answer the following questions:

  • How to improve the website visibility in search engines?
  • What keywords should the website target and why?
  • How to increase page rankings on these keywords?
  • How to convert visitors on the website?

From an outside perspective, this might seem easy, but most small business owners have trouble answering basic questions about their market, like:

  • What is your target audience?
  • What are the needs of your audience?
  • Who is your typical client?
  • What differentiate your company from competitors?

Once the necessary reflective work has been done, the answers should be crystal clear. You can now go ahead and start the process of optimizing your website.

3. Conduct a keyword research

What keywords will be targeted?

Before doing on-page optimization, you should always make a roadmap for your content.

Performing a keyword research allows SEOs to gain insight on the niche they are working on. Consequently, they find opportunities they may not have known otherwise.

It is crucial to know what people search for on a particular topic related to your activity.

Plus, it is even more important to understand where to put your efforts to get results.

If the research is well done, you should now have a solid plan!

Recherche de mots-clés
Optimisation SEO

4. On-page optimization

What SEO factors should be optimized?

SEO is not an exact science, and on-page optimization is the part where each search engine optimizer works according to its own beliefs.

Some ranking factors achieve unanimity in the SEO industry but when it comes to User EXperience (UX) or content, it is more about personal choice!

Before developing your website, ask your SEO specialist to explain the best practice to be observed.

Nonetheless, on-page optimization and website architecture are indispensable steps if you want to rank on the first page of Google.

5. Creation of quality content


When it comes to Google, content is KING! Without relevant, interesting, informative, and interactive content, you won’t get anywhere!

Your visitors will bounce in the second they arrived to your website. It is the harsh reality of the internet…

People would rather change their search query than reading a bit longer. Content is free and widely available!

Your ultimate goals should be to provide the most value to your audience and to build a relationship.

Guess what? We buy from whom we trust!

Rédaction pour SEO

Monthly SEO services


$ 1200
  • Bilingual
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • On-page optimization
  • 3 optimized content* / month
  • Monthly followup
  • SEO reports
  • Google My Business
  • Off-site content
  • UX optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


$ 1700
  • Bilingual
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • On-page optimization
  • 3-5 optimized content* / month
  • Monthly followup
  • SEO reports
  • Google My Business
  • Off-site content
  • UX optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Best seller


$ 2700
  • Bilingual
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • On-page optimization
  • 3-5 optimized content* / month
  • Weekly followup
  • SEO reports
  • GMB + Local SEO
  • 1 off-site content / month
  • UX optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
+ Local SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t call myself an “expert” by ego or because I know everything… NO!

I consider SEO as a practice that includes a wide set of skills and it can be very specific to the website we are working on.. He who has seen and done everything in SEO does not exist.

Simultaneously, the SEO good practices change fast. Staying ahead can be difficult and grueling. Being able to adapt quickly and staying up-to-date are the best qualities for a search engine optimizer.

I have seen professionals completely outdated and lost in front of basic SEO concepts of today (and they still call themselves SEO expert).

Therefore, I am comfortable saying that through 4 years of experience involving 70+ hours a week (as I said I’m passionate), I developed a great expertise.

I don’t have all the answers, but one thing is for sure: I know how to get them!

My best SEO package is the ADVANCED package. If you are looking for a more comprehensive package, contact me personally to discuss it.

If you are still undecided, here are some interesting facts about SEO:

  • High-quality content can build trust between you and your audience.
  • Content is a tangible asset that you can rely on, even many years in the future.
  • Nowadays, SEO no longer relies solely on optimization FOR search engines. Instead, it’s about improving the content as a whole. More than anything, it’s about optimizing your website for your VISITORS!

As I often say, SEO is a long-term strategy. It can take a couple of weeks or even a few months depending on your situation.

Visit our FAQ for more information!

My best advice for beginners who wish to learn more about SEO is to get involved!

Read articles and books, watch videos, be open to advice, try new approaches, make mistakes and start all over again! It’s the best way to learn and master any new discipline.

No, I solely focus on what I do best: search engine optimization!

That being said, if you are looking for PPC services, I can refer you to a trusted agency.

I measure success based on the growth of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In SEO, these mainly correspond to the following:

  • Increasing organic traffic to your website.
  • Improving your rankings on search engines.
  • Increasing click-through rates from search engines.
  • Increasing the average time spent on your website.
  • Improving the conversion rate on your website.
  • And many other factors…


Not all KPIs are relevant for everyone! Their importance will depend on your situation.

Need help with your SEO?