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Find royalty free gifs for commercial use

Where to find royalty free GIFs for commercial use?

If you are here, you are probably wondering where to find royalty free GIFs for commercial use.

Good news! I have an answer for you.

Today I’m going to talk about a tool that I personally use on a daily basis for my marketing content.

I guarantee that GIFs you can find on, you can’t find them anywhere else!

Moreover, I will show you a simple strategy I use to make extra money every month from my clients at the end of this article, so bear with me.

What’s Gifing?

Gifing is a brand-new company founded by a French entrepreneur named Anthony Nevo.

He had that innovative idea to launch a platform offering royalty free animated GIFs to be used commercially. But that’s not all, GIFs and video clips are different than most other platforms: they are proven to provide a high engagement rate!

Whether you are a content creator or a campaign manager, self-employed or working for an agency, you will need these kinds of GIFs to promote your business.

Gifing opened in late January 2020 with more than 10,000 unique GIFs already uploaded to the platform (now approaching 30K).

In this article, I will guide you through the different aspects that make Gifing so unique:

  1. GIFs and videos
  2. Sizes and formats
  3. Pricing and licences (updated for 2022)
  4. Bonus
  5. Special tool

(Or, if you want to sign up already, please click here)

Royalty free GIFs you can find on Gifing

Because Gifing has been first created to help marketers, everything has been conceived to be used for both advertising campaigns and organic content strategies.

Moreover, the company understands marketers’ needs! Therefore, you will be able to find free animated GIFs that are funny, quirky, original, epic, and special.

These are not your random GIPHY GIFs in your Slack conversations!

Here are some GIF categories available:

  • Food/Nutrition
  • Health
  • Sport/Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Business & Marketing
  • Feelings
  • Money
  • Fun
  • Couple
  • Dating
  • Home/Lifestyle
  • Fashion/Shopping
  • Vacations

And many more…

All GIFs/videos will be both available in 4K, as well as in a lower quality resolution ready for online use!

What GIF formats are available on Gifing?

The copyright free animated GIFs are available in 3 sizes:

  1. Square (1:1)
  2. Story (vertical format 9:16)
  3. Portrait (vertical format 4:5)

Gifing has made a choice from the very beginning that became a differentiating factor today:

Story GIF (vertical):

Instead of relying on what has always been done, they decided to focus on the story format rather than the horizontal format.

Why? With the growing use of stories content across all social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok and even now Youtube, there is a chance that marketers will continue jumping on the bandwagon for that underpriced attention.

More content and more ads will be created and customized for mobile screen sizes. Marketers need content, and Gifing will be able to deliver videos adapted to this new reality.

Square GIF:

All vertical video shots are also perfectly fitted to be resized as a square format. Thus, both vertical and square formats will be available for download on the platform and fit the screens with an outstanding quality!

Portrait GIF :

Shooting video clips for a perfect fit on mobile forces the photographers to set the camera orientation to “portrait”. Therefore, a “landscape” video cannot be taken and that’s the reason why Gifing doesn’t offer horizontal content.

Gifing voluntarily chose to focus on story GIFs and set aside the horizontal format.

Instead, they recently added a second vertical format called “portrait”. This one is ideal for mobile video ads on Instagram or Facebook for instance.

Is Gifing only for copyright free animated GIFs?

Nope! You will not only find free GIF images on Gifing.

In addition to that, each video clip on the platform is available in 3 file formats:

  • Video
  • GIF
  • Boomerang

Videos are files in .mp4 usually longer than 4-5 seconds.

GIFs are animated images in .gif or .mp4 that you can download depending on your preference.

Boomerangs are files in .mp4 using the “reverse effect” on a short video clip to create a fun animation to watch (like the Boomerang video you know from Instagram).

You can learn more about it on this page.

What plans does Gifing offer?

First off, let’s talk about licenses!

Gifing offers two kinds of license to choose from:

  1. CLASSIC LICENSE, intended for sole marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs who want to access high quality content for their own personal use (like promoting their blog, website, products and services…)
  2. An AGENCY LICENSE, which is intended for small and larger marketing agencies who need the resale rights in order to edit, personalize, and sell the content to their clients.

Therefore, plans and prices will vary depending on your situation!

Current plans start at $299/year depending on the license you choose.

2022 UPDATE – Limited Offer:

Gifing adopted a new pricing policy under the COVID-19 situation to help agencies around the world. The offer is still ongoing to this date.

For a limited time ONLY, you can have access to GIFs and videos for FREE!

All you need to do is create an account (it’s 100% free and it takes about 30 seconds).

With your free account, you will access royalty free GIFs that I personally pay for each month, up to 3 downloads a day.

BONUS – Advantages of the agency license:

Let’s say you are a marketer providing digital services to clients.

If you create any kind of content, you might need royalty free GIFs for your commercial use (or videos).

The agency license gives you the rights to edit, personalize and resell the content to your client at the price you want.

You can literally sign in to your Gifing account, choose the GIF you need, edit it online with the Gifing GIF maker within seconds, and charge your client $100-200 for your creative!

Isn’t it wonderful?

Free online animated GIF maker:

Gifing just launched a brand new feature.

It is an editing tool for GIFs, directly available on each page. You can now personalize your Gifs with a unique GIF maker.

Choose a royalty free GIF, pick a size, and start creating your own GIF: add a title, edit text, change colors, upload an image, and save it!

It is now possible to find animated Gifs and edit them under the same roof! In other words, we can create free Gifs on Gifing.

(which is absolutely perfect for people deprived of graphic skills like me 😀 )

How to create a GIF online?

Here is how I create quality GIFs online:

  • Choose a royalty free GIF on Gifing.
  • Choose your ideal format.
  • Personalize your GIF directly on Gifing’s website.
  • Download it on your computer.
  • Optimize size and quality with a free online tool.
  • Add it to your website or your campaign.

Where and why should you use GIFs for marketing?

The very cool thing with GIFs is that you can use them almost anywhere. Plus, they are fun to watch and they boost engagement!

You can create Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns using GIFs as your visuals.

LinkedIn is not accepting GIFs but you can download your GIF as a mp4 file and it will auto play and loop.

You can use GIFs in MessengerWhat’s AppSlackTelegram, and other communication platforms.

If you own a Blog like me, you can use GIFs to improve your SEO optimized content and keep your readers awake.

If you have an email list and send weekly updates to your audience, GIFs are a great way to personalize your emails.

If you make YouTube videos, you can also benefit from Gifing’s video clips since YouTube launched a new story format on mobile.

You can count on Gifing’s licenses to give you the copyrights, even for free GIFs.

That’s it! I hope this article helped you discover where to find copyright free gifs to improve your content!

If you liked it, don’t hesitate to share it!

See you soon =)

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