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Gifing affiliate program

Why is Gifing the best affiliate program right now?

Hi, (future) affiliate marketers!

Are you wondering why I’ve created this blog article? WTF is Gifing? Another affiliate program with a “magic formula”? NO! This time it won’t disappoint you!

Make statements is good, but what about showing you why, how, and when? That’s exactly what I’m going to do next, so bear with me!

In this article I’ll guide you through the different steps to:

  1. Discovering Gifing completely.
  2. Understanding how Gifing works.
  3. Generating revenue from the platform.
  4. Putting affiliate marketing strategies together.

Let’s GOOOO! Make yourself comfortable

What is Gifing?

Gifing is an online provider of copyright-free GIFs and short video clips. The web platform owns thousands of unique GIFs and videos that stand out for their funny and unusual content!

This service allows graphic designers, marketing agencies, and web marketing professionals to access a database of thousands of GIFs ready for use, tested to perform at an above-average engagement rate!

In my opinion, a content creator’s success includes 3 aspects : producing quality, acquiring web traffic, while paying the lowest price possible for it.

Gifing is an innovative idea for which tests have been successful in increasing engagement and decreasing CPC (cost per click) of online marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram!

That’s why this non-traditional format allows mainly ONE THING:

Providing quality GIFs for all creators (influencers, bloggers, artists, or marketers) in order to help them improve content quality and reach, independently of which language they speak.

GIFs will be available in 3 formats: square, vertical (stories), and horizontal (posts) for even more potential use.

Basically, enough to skyrocket your traffic and visibility if you are currently building a community on social media, blogs, company websites, or email marketing campaigns!

How Gifing works?

(Stick with me here, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity)

At Gifing’s launch in January 2020, there was 2 different possibilities to buy GIFs on the platform.

  1. Buy packs of credits to consume later.
  2. Subscribe to get monthly credits, become part of the affiliate program, and acquire the resale right.


  • Today, the annual price to get your access is $299/year for unlimited downloads.

(Based on a survey among marketing agencies in the US, the demand for paid GIFs and videos would be from 25 to 50 per month)

In brief, if you are a content creator (or soon-to-be), Gifing is giving you the opportunity to access premium quality videos, as well as generating revenue from them!

If you are interested by the content, click the button below! If you are interested by the affiliate program proposed by Gifing, keep reading!

Gifing Affiliate Program:

Gifing is not ONLY a huge bank of GIFs.

Gifing is a true opportunity to start receiving a monthly income online! You could start from nothing and reach thousands of dollars in commissions in a small period of time. The earlier you get involved, the better it is for you!

How does the affiliate program works?

It is simply one of the craziest affiliate program I’ve ever seen in this industry! (Otherwise I wouldn’t even bother writing on it)

Gifing is a second-tier affiliate program!

It means affiliates earn commissions on 2 levels:

  1. Clients coming from their own affiliate links (first level).
  2. Clients coming from affiliate links of people who became affiliates because of them (second level).

It’s not clear?

Let me be precise: if a client coming from your own marketing effort, decides to become an affiliate, then all his clients will generate revenue for you on your second level.

This is where the MAGIC happens!

= You will also earn commissions from people you didn’t pay to promote to!

But it doesn’t end there! (Haha!)

These people are linked to your first and second levels, for LIFE!

Yes, for LIFE! You will continue to earn commissions on their purchases, as long as they will keep buying credits or paying for their subscription on Gifing! Aren’t you pumped? Because I am!

What are the levels of commissions?

First level: Gifing gives a 30% commission to all affiliates, for all products!
Second level: Gifing gives a 15% commission!

This means that Gifing is giving back 45% of its revenue to affiliate marketers!

Usually, that’s where you start saying « Ok, what’s the catch? ». How is that possible?

The answer is: there is no trap! (I don’t lead my visitors straight for the abyss).
To understand the business model, we have to dig deeper into the industry, especially Gifing’s competitors.

Among the big fish on the market, there are companies like Shutterstock, Fotolia, Pexels, iStock, Envato, and many more…

Here is how those platforms work:

They receive tens of thousands of new images and videos each month from photographers around the world. These platforms sell the content online and redistribute a small percentage to content creators each time their images get sold.

Gifing is different! The company owns all the content. This became possible by recruiting hundreds of photographers, actors, scriptwriters around the world in order to create a SH*T load of content. There is close to 10,000 GIFs available since the grand opening in January 2020.

Once the content is created, it belongs to Gifing. The company sells it and gives almost half of the revenue back to their affiliates who initiated the sale.

How to become an affiliate?

Gifing officially launched in January 2020.


You can still join the affiliate program by getting your unlimited access!

How to generate revenue with Gifing?

The affiliates can build, in advance, 2 sources of potential revenue:

1 – Promote GIFs and videos from Gifing

  • There will be an endless number of affiliate links. Why? Because it will be possible to promote Gifing with each and every content (GIF or video) and create ULTRA targeted campaigns!

2 – Promote the affiliate program (like I do with this article)

  • You access GIFs and videos immediately, in all categories (health, sport, marketing, feelings, food, animals, etc…)
  • You access trainings about affiliate marketing, pre-built sales funnels and offer pages!

Need more info?

Gifing was created by Anthony Nevo, a french entrepreneur who has succeeded online with affiliate marketing. Here is a few words from him:

“Gifing is much more than what you imagine!

Gifing is a true partner to start and succeed making money online in all verticals. No matter the product you want to promote, there will always be a high engaging GIF for you that converts!”

(If you want to read an article on how to edit GIFs, click here)

Since January 2020, Gifing has its own dedicated affiliate platform, with sections like “statistics” and “training” to help you with your campaigns.

This platform is in English, in order to bring together affiliates from all over the world.

A dedicated section for marketing strategies will be included where you will be able to find template messages, emails, comments to start promoting Gifing!

The Gifing team will be adding hundreds and hundreds of new videos each month!

Example of strategies with Gifing:

It is well known, one of the major problem with the affiliate marketing industry is that affiliates only earn commissions once: when a client buys from your link, you get your commission. Even if that client buys another product from the same company 2 months later, he is now considered fully as a client of the company and you don’t get any commission.

Gifing wants to change that!

Here is a good strategy to implement when the platform launches:

Assuming you are promoting Gifing organically with your blog. You get your affiliate link and start sending traffic to the offer page.
If a person lands Gifing’s website because of your link, then she will need to sign up for an account if she wants to download a product.

From now on, you will earn a commission from ALL PURCHASES made by that person on Gifing, for LIFE!

If the person decides to leave the website without creating an account… Gifing will launch retargeting campaigns on visitors who did not convert.

So you’ll profit directly from their paid traffic campaigns to get clients who otherwise would have been lost, without spending a dime… and in addition to that, they will still link them to your account. I mean… what more do you want?

Another strategy would be to invite your traffic to watch a presentation made by the Gifing team. This would give you the chance to rely on pre-built landing pages proven to convert for your campaigns! But it is only up to you…

IN CONCLUSION, here's what you need to remember:

Today, there is only one way to buy GIFs/videos from Gifing:

Buy the annual access

Every time people subscribe to Gifing with your affiliate link, they will be linked to your affiliate account for life.

You will get a 30% commission on all purchases from those people, no matter when they decide to buy.

But MAGIC doesn’t stop here, because you will earn an extra 15% commission on your second level!

(People who discovered Gifing because of you and then became affiliate will generate you a 15% commission from their own conversions)

Gifing is in English, so you can advertise it anywhere in the world (available for all geographic regions)

You will get access to a training section with interesting strategies to implement.

The Gifing team will organize webinars where you’ll be able to invite people, and they will do the marketing for YOU!

This is an unparalleled opportunity for you to work on an innovative concept, with a tremendous potential for development in the coming months!

Here is the video that explains it all, where you can enroll today:

Click HERE to claim your access!

This offer will NEVER come back later…

Don’t miss it!

Relevant questions to becoming an ambassador!

Can I succeed as a beginner?

YES, because you will receive help from the team, affiliate trainings and strategies!

Can I edit GIFs and videos?

YES! You will get the resale rights.

What package should I choose?

If you are pretty serious, I would go for the annual package, because you get so much value out of it!

I am not good at selling, can I succeed?

Absolutely! You won’t need to sell anything! You will have access to a lot of strategies and sales funnels from the beginning. You’ll just need to drive traffic to those pages! And you’ll have the GIFs for that…

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