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Affiliate Disclosure

Hi everyone!

I’m Romain, and I wanted to take a quick moment to be fully transparent with you about my role as an affiliate on

As a matter of fact, my ultimate goal is to provide quality content to help people on any topic – usually about digital marketing.

That’s why I create content, trainings, and tutorials entirely for free while most people sell them.

However, I want to be completely clear about the fact that this website is a stream of revenue operated by a for-profit venture. I want to explain how I generate money from this website and why.

Here we go!

I’m an affiliate marketer, and throughout this website, you will encounter affiliate links to products and services I personally recommend.

Whenever you click on those links and make a purchase, I receive a commission. That’s how I’m compensated for the energy that goes into the content I create.

Although all links on this website are not affiliate links, but you should operate under the presumption that links pointing to another website are affiliate links and that I will earn a commission if you follow them and make a purchase.

That being said, I only promote products and services that I have personally tested and that I like. I solely introduce new products that I believe can add value to my audience.

If my content has answered your questions or has helped you fix an issue in the past, and you have decided to make a purchase following my links, I’m thankful and I truly appreciate it!

In short, you should assume that I, the website owner, am affiliated with different suppliers offering goods and services discussed on and may be compensated for recommending or advertising products and services, or linking to suppliers’ websites.

For any questions regarding a product/service and my relationship with a company, please contact me at

I will be happy to clarify for you!

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