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About me

Who is Romain Jolibois?

I am above all passionate about learning!

SEO consultant based in Montreal (QC), I help my clients build and optimize their digital ecosystem in order to acquire qualified visitors who stay, come back and convert!

In short, my SEO services will help you improve your positioning, your number of monthly visitors, your content and your turnover.

In my personal life, I am really passionate about the web and new technologies. I like to play sports, invest in the financial markets, read, learn and travel!

Oh yes ! I also really enjoy DIY and construction (building, for me, is not just a website business).

Romain Jolibois

SEO consultant

What is my mission?

Throughout years working for a web agency, two things stuck with me:

1 – SMEs often have no idea what they are doing on the web.
2 – They are sometimes very badly advised.

With my expertise in SEO, I have the strong conviction that I can help a lot of people get around this problem.

My mission is therefore to help as many Quebec SMEs as possible to significantly improve their web traffic, through solid and sustainable solutions!

For example, even with very little effort in the right place, it is possible to work small miracles:

Le rapport de performance Google Search Console montre une amélioration du trafic web

Vision and life philosophy

I am a genuine and passionate person! I like frankness and transparency.

For me, communication is at the center of human relations, and it is above all the key to happiness (in friendship as in love). This is why I particularly like social interactions, and that I attach a point of honor to trying to understand them.

This innate curiosity allows me, I think, to be a good marketer. But that’s up to you!

My story

I was born and raised in France, in a middle-class family with my parents and my older brother.

I owe my parents an excellent education. They have always taught me to work hard to get what I wanted, whether it lead to success or failure.

“I never lose. I either win or learn” – Nelson Mandela

Anything we had, my parents worked hard to obtain it.

But what I give my parents the most credit for is ACCOUNTABILITY.

They taught me independence and resourcefulness very early on!

I still remember doing my own DIY projects as a kid (6-7 years old) and booking my own appointments with doctors at 14. THIS was pure genius!

At 13, I became a “young firefighter” (this is a thing we have in France where teens can train to become firefighters at 16 years old rather than 18). Every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, I was in the fire station with my coworkers!

At 16, I became a real firefighter, which was a proud achievement to me at the time.

Flash forward 2 years later (at 18), driver’s licence and high school diploma obtained, I immigrated alone to Montreal, Canada to attend university.

When I think about it I was just a kid at 18 (even if I was seeing myself differently). See my parents’ influence?

9 years later, I’m still living in Montreal and I’m writing this so everything’s great! 😉

About my website

Well enough about me …

Finally, I built this website to share my knowledge about SEO. I put in it what I know, what I have tested, what I think and what I continue to learn.

I hope you like my content 🙂

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