Who's Romain Jolibois?

Hey! I’m Romain and here’s a little bit more about me…

Romain Jolibois SEO


Through years working for an agency, one thing stuck with me:

A lot of SMB entrepreneurs find short term solutions to their long term problems.

Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely smart people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know a lot about digital marketing. I’m confident that my experience in SEO can help them avoid certain mistakes.

My mission is to build strong and lasting solutions that remain effective long after I’m gone.

If continuously finding leads is an art, I’m the artist and my medium is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I only work to find long term solutions that attract quality traffic to my clients’ websites.

I’m convinced that learning to be patient and comfortable in long term strategies is the key to successful projects.

Life philosophy

Nothing comes free and easy. No pain, no gain!
(Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson!)

In 2017 (at 23 years old), I invested 32,000 USD of my own savings in learning how to launch successful online marketing campaigns. My goal was to be a successful affiliate marketer.

From this, I got 24,000 USD back from commissions… leaving a gaping hole of 8,000 USD in my bank account.

Well… It is the best $8,000 I’ve lost in my entire life!

It made me much stronger as a professional! I learned more in 10 months than what I’d learned after 4 years in university.

I don’t regret a single dollar I’ve invested in myself… I learned, I grew, and it led me to where I am today.

After having launched 50+ PPC campaigns, I discovered SEO and was hooked immediately.

My story

I was born and raised in France, in a middle-class family with my parents and my older brother.

I owe my parents an excellent education. They have always taught me to work hard to get what I wanted, whether it lead to success or failure.

“I never lose. I either win or learn” – Nelson Mandela

Anything we had, my parents worked hard to obtain it.

But what I give my parents the most credit for is ACCOUNTABILITY.

They taught me independence and resourcefulness very early on!

I still remember doing my own DIY projects as a kid (6-7 years old) and booking my own appointments with doctors at 14. THIS was pure genius!

At 13, I became a “young firefighter” (this is a thing we have in France where teens can train to become firefighters at 16 years old rather than 18). Every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, I was in the fire station with my coworkers!

At 16, I became a real firefighter, which was a proud achievement to me at the time.

Flash forward 2 years later (at 18), driver’s licence and high school diploma obtained, I immigrated alone to Montreal, Canada to attend university.

When I think about it I was just a kid at 18 (even if I was seeing myself differently). See my parents’ influence?

8 years later, I’m still living in Montreal and I’m writing this so everything’s great! 😉

If you were wondering why I had 32,000 USD to invest at 23, now you know:

  • At 16, I was working.
  • During university, I was working.
  • Every summer, I was working.
  • After school, guess what? I was still working!
  • Most of the money I made at that time, I saved up.

My website

Okay, enough about me…

Finally, I built this website after hours to share my knowledge in SEO.

I talk about what I know, what I keep learning, what I’ve tested and what I think.

I hope you enjoy my content 🙂

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